Dots love…. Aloft hotel.

I had a chance to visit Aloft Hotel at Sentral when my sis-in-law came visit in June. Upon stepping into the hotel, I fell in love immediately. Belonged to hotel giant Starwood, who also owns St. Regis, W Hotel, Westin, Le Meridian and etc, Aloft carries the tagline ‘Different by Design’, it truly portrays anything but conventional. I shall let the images speaks for itself.

Love how they dress up the column, The entire atmosphere makes you feel like you’re in a spaceship. The mixture of soft and hard materials is brilliant in achieving the dreamy ambience. The stainless steel stand alone metal sculpture you see below is actually a sink! (with automatic water & soap dispenser) How cool is that?!

2014-06-13 09.53.45 2014-06-13 09.52.512014-06-13 09.51.39

Who says refreshment and coffee must be served? A self-serve snack bar and coffee refilling is way much more fun! Look at all the goody foods.
With current technology advancement, contemporary reception/check-in counter does not need a back office attached to it. Here, the contemporary round island reception is designed to be contemporary & sleek.

2014-06-13 09.55.272014-06-13 09.55.40 2014-06-13 09.59.23

All in all, I love love love the interior of this building, will definitely book myself a room one day, just so I can explore the entire hotel. 😛 Every inch and nook of the design of the hotel breaks every conventional design element of a hospitality facility. Let me know if you knows the brainchild of this astounding interior. 🙂




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