The Inevitable has come.

img_20160927_093340LAst weekend, we took JH for an eye check, as soon as we noticed that he constantly blink his eyes when watching the TV. When ask about his condition at school, teacher told me that there are instances when he would go in front of the white board during mini lectures.

So after an excruciating pain of 4 hours waiting queue from registration to payment, not mentioning the discomfort of getting JH to dilate his eyes, we were told that our little guy needs glasses. It’s not like we didn’t see it coming (since hubbs & I have very weak eyes), it’s just that we had been hoping for that miracle that perhaps he might skip that gene.

We can give him the world, except for perfect eyesight and it just kills me. 😥

{That moody face at the eye clinic}

A day as a working mom of two.

7 am – wake up, shower and get dress.
7:15am -prepare breakfast, pack breast pump bag, pack JH’s school bag, pack baby’s bag to mom-in-law’s.
7:45am –  wake JH up, make him a bottle of milk. Wake hubbie up. Put on my make up
8am – Get JH to change into uniform, clean face, brush his teeth.
8:15am – Wake up Junna, drop her off at mom-in-law’s
8:25am – Send JH to school en-route to work.
8:50am – Reach office. Have breakfast, browse through FB, articles and blogs.
9:30am – Work (I try to pump at least twice a day).
6:15pm – Leave work to fetch JH.
6:45pm – Drop by the playground for JH to sweat it out abit.
7pm – Arrive mil’s place, have dinner, shower myself and JH, cuddling with Junna, activity work with JH.
9:25pm – Leave mil’s to go back to our place.
9:30 pm – Get JH to bed (brush teeth, diaper) while I will be carrying Junna to sleep.
9:45pm – JH’s bed time. Around the same time Junna will have her last feed of the day.
10:15pm – Put Junna to sleep.
10:30pm – Laundry, pack up tomorrow’s lunch, sterilize the bottles, pump, boils the water, take out the trash.
11:30pm – Zzzzzz

This is just a typical rendition of the day where everything went smoothly, according to plan and schedule. Most of the time, life with a baby and a 4 year old is always chaotic and topsy-turvy. Sometimes, I slept pass 12am and sometimes I woke up realised that its close to 8am! When you have kids, your life is never in your hands, really. 😛


img_20160914_132701Believe it or not, the first time you meet my son, you’ll find him extremely delightful, friendly and adorable. Yes, my Oscar-winning, deviously charming son has manage to attain much freebies and impromptu gifts whenever he’s outside meeting new people.

How does he bamboozle his way? I have no idea.

These were all accumulated in less than a week!
Lego City Passport booklet (with stickers) when we bought him a set of caravan | Star Wars DVD when we went to make report for disconnected channels | Stationary set & crayons when we sent our car for service | Metallic Iron Man toy car when we dining at Fuel Shack.

3 months with Junna.

img_20160914_091203Our baby girl turns 3 month old yesterday! She’s grown quite a bit (no longer a wee little pea!). She is indeed a sweet little pea. After turning 1 month shortly, she has started to sleep through the night. She’s so quiet sometimes that I would forgot that she’s there. She hardly cries, her tears are mostly for legitimate reasons e.g. hungry, wet nappy and when she needs a cuddle to sleep.

Before her arrival, I have doubts whether I will be able to love her as much as I love JH. 3 months passes by and I’m marveled how much I love this little pea of mine! I love her toothless smile, her cooing sound and how she likes to snug her head onto my chest when she wants to sleep. Everything about her is just perfect!

Happy 3 months old baby girl, I feel so blessed to be your mommy.